September 30, 2012

Colombia, 1854

According to an American visitor, by 1854 the Gold Yield had collapsed -75% from years prior to 1852. 

Citation: New Granada: Twenty Months in the Andes: With Maps and Illustrations;  Isaac F. Holton (1856) p.260

The issue of contraband export dogged estimates well in the 1850s.  Assuming the Franc/Piastre exchange at 5:1 and the Colombian Fine-Gold Price at S$ 17.61 per English Ounce Troy, a rather unlikely massive export of 7,949 kg of Gold occurred circa 1854.  

Likewise, the amount of Colombian platina exported (S$ 30,000 or 188.71 kgs) was barely 2.35% the Gold total but probably much closer to the true export amount.

Citation: Dictionnaire universel théorique et practique du commerce et de la navigation ;  Gilbert-Urbain Guillaumin (1859) p. 546

As reported in 1857 (somewhat dated?) Colombia was annually exporting 600 kilograms or ~ 19,290 ozt platina.


1854 Exchange

Colombian Weights:

c.1854-6? Export Cost of Gold 'Antioquia to Barranquilla'  S$ per Kg.

c.1854-6? Export Cost 'Antioquia to Barranquilla' S$ 15.80 per carga (~115.0 Kg.) or S$ 0.1374 per Kg.

c.1854-6? Import Cost 'Barranquilla to Antioquia' S$ 18.80 per carga (~115.0 Kg.) or S$ 0.1634 per Kg ; machinery to mines, S$ 22. per carga (~115.0 Kg.) or S$ 0.1912 per Kg

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