November 25, 2014

France, 1797

It was common for retailers to request materials in kind; Jeannetty did not require that.
Morelot's ms. dated prior to 1798; Jeannetty's work was well-known by the early 1790s.

c.1797: 1 Troy Ounce platina (Estimate: 70% ore, retail) = Fr 12.20
c.1797: 1 Troy Oz. Pt (Ore at purity, retail) = Fr 17.43
c.1797: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Producer Price, Retail Mfg) = Fr 45.75 - 50.83
(~£ 2.13 - 2.37)

"We see snuff-boxes, spoons, spatulas in the hands of several individuals who leave the laboratory. The Once of Platinum costs Fr 45. - 50., not including the material that was provided to effect the reduction."

Citation: Cours élémentaire d'histoire naturelle pharmaceutique, ou description... Simon Morelot (1800)

In Paris you already manufactured from pure Platinum snuff boxes, watch chains, spoon, toothpick boxes and the like, worked at very cheap prices and very clean and tasteful. The price of commodities depends, as with gold and silver, according to the severity and the type of work he is slightly less than that of gold. 

 c. 1797:

November 20, 2014

Austria, 1814

c. March 1813: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Mfg, Paris Retail) ~ Fl. 13.29 (~ Fr 34.57

Prag, 1814:

a) 7.9 Ozt Manufactured Platinum sold Paris Retail for Fr. 273 (Fl. C.M. 105.)
b) 7.9 Ozt Manufactured Platinum sold London Retail for £ 7.11 (Fl. C.M. 64. - 67.50)

and assuming:
c) 'transport costs' unknown, from Paris (or Vienna?)
d) Voltaic Piles of similar dimensions sold elsewhere about London Retail (Fl. C.M. 90) 

it follows the given price "Fl. 132" can only be for the Platinum, Manufactured and Imported at a local cash price, all costs included.
1814: 1 Troy Ounce Platinum (Paris Import: Mfg) = Fl.C.M. 16.71 (Fr. 43.44)

In this year the chemical laboratory has been enriched with the following devices:

With a voltaic column apparatus, consisting of 106 copper and as many zinc plates, 4 Zoll in diameter, together with the corresponding thereto to medical and chemical tests required devices from silver, which in fine silver 19 Loth 5 Quenschen less weighing 10 Gran {~355.1 g/ 11.42 Ozt. ; =Fl. 30.395}

With, together with a platinum crucible with helm and cover, totaling 7 Unzen, 120 Gran Viennese apothecary weight {= 7.90 Ozt}, which, together with the costs incurred for transport comes to to Fl. C.M. 132. { ~Fr. 345. {in currency, highly variable rate}

In England, the Volta Pile of the same dimensions cost exactly £ 10. (Fl 90. - 95.)


National Coin-money assayeur Freiherrn Franz Xaver von Leithner

The chemist can Mr. Leithner consider the more connected than many now, namely by massive price, a crucible etc of platinum will be able to provide, where the opportunity is not so oflen, like himself, to much dearer prices to have come from Janety in Paris.

Citation: Journal für Chemie und Physik, Vol. 7; Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger (1813) p.309

November 18, 2014

Germany, 1821

At J.V. Albert, Frankfurt semi-manufactured retail cost 30.2% more than Paris, suggesting  a merchant's discount and Paris origin for the wares.

1820/1: 1 Troy Ounce platina (Paris: Ore, Retail) = Fr. 15.25 (Fl. 7.512)
1820/1: 1 Troy Oz Platinum (Paris: Scrap, Ret.) = Fr. 15.25 (Fl. 7.512)
1820/1: 1 Troy Oz Platinum (Paris: Semi-Mfg, Ret.) = Fr. 2o.33 (Fl. 9.536)
1820/1: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Paris: Mfg, Ret.) = Fr. 24.40 (Fl. 11.443)

"I think the friends of Practical Chemistry in Russia's empire might find useful this communication of a price list for Platinum apparatus which I have just received from Frankfurt am Main, especially since I have been frequently observing platinum crucibles from France as followed.

Previously known to be manufactured by Janety the Younger in Paris (Rue Colombier, 21 and Rue Neuve de l'Abbaye 14, Faubourg Saint-Germain) are Platinum crucibles, evaporating basins, spatulas, funnels and various chemical equipment : Fr. 24. per Once ; Platinum foil and wire: Fr. 20. per Once ; and Platinum scraps and platina: Fr. 15. per Once. Also assumed to be observed the same at the Pharmacist Guilbert in Paris (Rue Dauphiné, No. 38). 

Here is the Price-List of Platinum-Apparatus just now sourced from Frankfurt a.M.  Mr. Albert has a great warehouse of sundry instruments, models, tools, and the like, shown in a complete list (of 96 pages in octavo) distributed.

Price-List of Platinum apparatus which Joh{ann} Val{entin} Albert has provisioned in Frankfurt; by request, any other arbitrary shapes are manufactured from platinum

Ich glaube den Freunden der praktischen Chemie im Russischen Reiche durch die Mittheilung des Preisverzeichnis von Platin geräthschaften welches ich eben aus Frankfurt a.M. erhalten habe, einen angenehmen Dienst zu leiften, besonders da ich öfterer um die Beforgung von Platine Tiegeln aus Frankreich ersucht worden bin.

Bekanntlich verfertigt bisher Jannnety d. jung. (Rue-Colombier, 21. und Rue Neuve de l'Abbaye 14., Faubourg Saint-Germain) zu Paris Tiegeln, Abrauchschaalen, Spatel, Röhren und verschiedene chemische Gerätschaften Platina die Unze zu 24 Francs; Platinblech und Draht die Unze zu 20 Francs und Platinschnißel und Platinsand die Unze zu 15 Francs. Auch übernahm die Beforgung derselben zu Paris der Apotheker Guilbert (Rue Dauphiné, No. 38).

Hier ist das Verzeichniß von Platin-Geräthschaften wie sie gegenwärtig aus Frankfurt a.M. zu beziehen find. Hr. Albert hat eine große Niederlage von mancherlen Instrumenten, Modellen, Werkzeugen und dgl. worüber er ein vollständiges Verzeichnis (von 96 S. in 8.) vertheilt.  

Verzeichniß der Platin-Geräthschaften welche bey  Joh. Val. Albert in Frankfurt vorrathig zu haben sind; bey dem auch nach Verlangen alle andere beliebige Formen aus Platin verfertigt werden.

{Assuming the Frankfurt Silbergewicht Loth : 14.616 g., and in Gold coin Fl. 1. = Fr 2.1322
1 Kg. Mfg Platinum, cost Retail: Fl. 478.94 = Fr. 1,021.19}

1821: 1 Troy Ounce platina (Frankfurt: Ore, Retail) = Fl. 10.6402 ($ 5.517)
1821: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Frankfurt: Scrap, Ret.) = Fl. 11.7042 ($ 6.07)
1821: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Frankfurt: Mfg, Ret.) = Fl. 14.8967 ($ 7.724)
1821: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Frankfurt: Mfg, Ret.) = Fl. 23.0211 ($ 11.94)

Citation: Allgemeine nordische Annalen der Chemie für die Freunde..., Vol. 8;  Alexander Nicolaus Scherer (October, 1822)


Platinum Per Processed Loth, each Fl. 7
Volume Weight Price
1) Crucible,       Large, viz. with lids; or without lids, weighing in relation somewhat less 20 204.62 g. Fl. 98.00

Ditto 18 190.01 g. Fl. 91.00

Ditto 12 175.39 g. Fl. 84.00

Ditto,              Medium 11.5 146.16 g. Fl. 70.00

Ditto 9 124.24 g. Fl. 59.50

Ditto 5.5 93.18 g. Fl. 44.63

Ditto,              Small 3.5 76.73 g. Fl. 37.63

Ditto 2.5 54.81 g. Fl. 21.00
2) Evaporating Basins, large size 
28 175.39 g. Fl. 84.00

26 153.47 g. Fl. 73.50

20 135.20 g. Fl. 65.63

18 124.24 g. Fl. 59.50

Evaporating Basins w/spout, large size 
20 138.85 g. Fl. 66.55

16 95.00 g. Fl. 45.50

7.5 65.77 g. Fl. 31.50
3) Retorts w/ cover &pipe, solder in gold

160.78 g. Fl. 119.00


134.77 g. Fl. 99.75
4) Spoon w/wide handle, which also serves as spatula 31.06 g. Fl. 14.87

Ditto,  w/ shorter handle

21.92 g. Fl. 10.50


14.62 g. Fl. 7.00

November 1, 2014

Germany, 1884

1883/4: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Semi-Mfg, Whol.) = 27.99 (USD$ )

1885: dated estimate 1884?


Low estimate for 1884, likely dated to 1883.

1883/4: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Semi-Mfg, Whol.) = 29.54.83 (USD$ )

Citation: Abriss der chemischen technologie mit besonderer rücksicht auf statistik... ; Christian Heinzerling (1888)

Avg. 1884: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Mfg, Whol.) = 31.5078 (USD$ ) 
Low 1884: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Mfg, Whol.) = 31.1035 (USD$ )
High 1884: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Mfg, Whol.) = 32.3476 (USD$ ) 

Citation: Die Chemische Industrie, 1892 Vol. 15 (1892) p.70


Platinum Silver Wire: ~75% Pt, 25% Ag