May 3, 2011

Jamaica/France, 1802: German Price Cited

Fall 1801: 1 Troy Oz. Pt (Mfg: Actual Cost) = Fr. 31.102

Where Fl 1 (Bavarian Gulden) = USD$ 0.5148 (circa 1801) this per troy ounce price for  platina in Jamaica appears identical to the New York Price very widely cited in US newspapers in 1802.  (It is unlikely Schubert ever saw that reported; his estimation is probably from a different source.)  

Assuming £ 11. and the Bavarian Pfund @18 troy ounces:
1802: 1 Troy Oz. platina (Jamaica price) = Fl 5.33 ;  £ 0.61 ; ~ USD$ 2.765

It remains unclear why Paris platina prices would be significantly lower;  Wollaston also paid 1/6th the price for his large bulk purchase of platina in 1799. 

Error: the sale was of ore, not a semi-refined Platinum byproduct

"1802 in Jamaica, the cost of a Pfund of Platinum Black is Fl. 96"

Citation: Die Geschichte der Natur: als zweite gänzlich umgearbeitete ..., Volume 2; Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert (1836) p129

1802: with a new and more efficient method for refining Platinum, Jannetty presents a variety of products.

An X. The author, as we have seen, discovered the art of working platinum, this metal so rebellious to the efforts of metallurgists, and endowed with so many valuable qualities.  He made jewelry and chemistry instruments of great utility. The jury awarded him a silver medal. (Monitor, An X, page 52.)

Citation: Die Branntweinbrennerey nach theoretischen und praktischen Grunds√§tzen ...; Carl Christian Adolph Neuenhahn (1803) 

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