May 26, 2011

Germany, 1819

There was a fire at 181/2 Strand on January 20, 1820; purchases from Cary with this address are prior to this date.

c.1819: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (mfg)  = £ 1.0 (USD$ 4.51)

Citation: Handbuch der analytischen chemie, Volume 1; Christoph Heinrich Pfaff (1821) p.271

It must be possible when in possession of several platinum crucible. I own 4 of their different sizes, an elderly French, a new Ditto. and two English. To obtain the latter, one has to address William Cary, London, no. 182 Strand at Norfolk Street. The larger the same weighs 3 ounces, 5.5 ounce, has a height of 2 "above par a width of 2" is 3 "' and below only 10" and cost 18 shillings sterling and -3 (an ounce of platinum processed Cary English to 20th in shillings), the smaller 2 ounce weighs 2 ounces, has a height of 4 '2 ", the same size top and bottom of 8"', and costs 2 pounds and 10 shillings. These English crucibles have against themselves that they worked too thin and the bottom too tight, so even such a platinum crucible me earlier fine through a hole, which he got in the ground, became useless. I therefore prefer the French, which are thicker by walls, and have a better Berhältnisch of dimensions. My major FRENCH platinum crucible 0.5 ounce weighs 4 ounces, has a height of 2 inches 2 lines above a width of 2 inches 2 lines, and down from 11 '". You can to get them to Cuoq Couturier et Compagnie, rue Richelieu No. 107 , contact and the prices seem a bit cheaper. The value of this processed platinum comes from the value 4.5mal 14 löthigem so much like silver. Any cracks in such platinum crucibles, or even on the silver crucibles, one recognizes the dull tone to it, on a finger will float to give me when you hit a key or the like. Such cracks can auegefüllt with gold who "the one you should not such a pot of glowing so much, because alödann itself attracts the gold into the platinum, and the crack opens again. The cover for the English. Platinum crucibles are bent, and therefore do little more closely than the French, by engaging only three pins. 

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