May 29, 2011

Germany, 1855

Assuming this isn't a later forex exercise in English troy ounces, already converted: 

A review. A small little book, the first catalog of C. Ash & Sons 1855 in London, printed by F. Brettell, Rupert Street Haymarket, is before us and the description thereof is not without a certain interest.

In 1855 mineral teeth cost with gold tubes, or simply shaded, each Mk. 1.50, with platinum tubes each Mk. 1.-, mineral pieces with gum per tooth Mk. 2.-.

Platinum foil and wire were sold in large pieces and although the prices of Mk 26.50 per Ounce. Hard platinum patterned and cut Mk. 35.- per Ounce.

Still cost in the first half of 1906 platinum Mk. 103.- per ounce and is now, according to both, as is well known, the great demand, and due to the fact that platinum is a relatively rare metal, the price enormously in soared, for not only the manufacturers of artificial teeth need platinum, but also electrical industries.

1855: 1 Troy Ounce Platinum (Semi-Mfg, Retail)= ℳ  27.23 (USD$ 10.76)

Citation: Korrespondenz-Blatt fuer Zahnaerzte, Vol. 36 p.89

Citation: Chemisches Laboratorium. Anleitung zum Selbstunterrichte in der Chemie. Gießen, J. Ricker, 1856, XI, 610 S.

1855: 1 Troy Oz. platina (Best Ore Ret.) = Thlr. 8.51 (USD$ 5.86) 
1855: 1 Troy Oz. platina (Ore, Ret.) = Thlr. 6.38 (USD$ 4.39)

Citation: Journal für praktische Chemie, Vol. 64, Issues 1-8

"Minerals for Chemical Laboratories and Commercial-plants"

1855: 1 Troy Oz. platina (Ore, Trade = Thlr. 5.97 (USD$ 4.11)
1855: 1 Troy Oz. Iridosmine (Ore, Trade = Thlr. 5.97 (USD$ 4.11)  

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