April 16, 2010

UK, 1877: Crucible Prices from Griffin's Catalogue

From 1877, with industrial demand and monopolization, Platinum prices began to move upwards strongly.

In periods of stability, catalogue prices of simple platinum manufactures may provide an approximation or ratio for refined, pure ingot prices. The Troy Ounce Price may be estimated from the average price for "platinum crucibles."

1877: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Semi-Mfg, Trade) = £ 1.65 (USD$ 8.38)
1877: 1 Ozt. Platinum (Mfg, Retail) = £ 2.43 - 4.80 (USD$ 12.34 - 24.38)

Citation: Chemical handicraft: A classified and descriptive catalogue of chemical ... By John Joseph Griffin (1877), p.135.

Daniel's Pyrometer: an arc, with a lead tube.


Alfred App's Catalogue, 1877?

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