December 10, 2013

Germany, 1836


1835: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Germany: Semi-Mfg) ~Thlr. 11. (USD$ 7.74)
Citation: Universal-Lexikon der Handelswissenschaften: enthaltend: die Münz-, Maß- und ... August Schiebe (1838) p. 612

Alloy pins for Artificial Teeth: 40% Pt/ 60% Ag
Alloy springs for Artificial Teeth: 31.25% Pd, 31.25% Ag, 31.25% Cu, 6.25% Fe

Citation: Magazin der neuesten Erfindungen, Entdeckungen und Verbesserungen; Vol. 4 (1837) p.92


Where 1 Loth = 14.615 g.,

1836/7: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Germany: Ore?, Retail) = Thlr. 10.64 (USD$ 7.82)
1836/7: 1 Ozt. Platinum (Germany: Intrinsic, Retail) = Thlr. 11.70 (USD$ 8.60)   
1836/7: 1 Ozt. Platinum (Germany: Mfg, Ret.) ~ Thlr. 13.83 (USD$ 10.17)
1836/7: 1 Ozt. Platinum (Hypothetical Import COST, Ger. Mfg, Ret.) ~ USD$ 9.50
{Unmanufactured?} platinum now costs Thlr. 5 to 5.5 per Loth; in the apparatus-form, in proportion to the work.  All Platinum apparatus can now be purchased not only in Paris but from many other places, especially in Berlin from G. Stoffauer or Luhme; in Frankfurt from Joh. Val. Albert; in Leipzig from Lampe or Sellier; in Göttingen from Apel; but the last apparatus are of bad platinum and are not highly praised.

Citation: Das Hauslexikon: vollständiges handbuch praktischer, Vol. 6 (1837) p.496

Stuttgart c. 1836: Retail Platinum cost half the price of Gold, in jewelry, etc.  

Platinum or White Gold in the middle. Platinum ranges between silver-white or steel gray, it is still difficult and worth half as much {as Gold.}

Citation: Schul-Kalender: ein Normal-Handbuch für Volksschullehrer, Vol. 1 (1837)

Platinum in German dentistry, 1836:

German estimation of Russian mineral production, c. 1836:

Where Gold was estimated Thlr. 230 per Mark; Platinum Thlr. 79.95 per Mark; Silver Thlr. 14.664

Citation: Universal-Lexikon der Handelswissenschaften: Enthaltend: die Münz- ... ;  August Schiebe (1837)

Specific Gravity of Platinum  types, Silver Coin:


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