December 1, 2013

Austria, 1854

Assuming the Austrian Loth at 17.54025 Grams, and the Florin at $ 0.485, the Vienna Market Price (Fl. C.M. 684/Kg.) was 21.65% higher than at Frankfurt (~Fl. 564.53/Kg.); where Austrian Gold Coin cost Fl. C.M. 1,307/Kg., Au was ~1.91x more expensive than Pt.


1854: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Wien: Intrinsic, Ret.?) = Fl C. M. 21.275 
.... (Fl. 21.356; USD$ 10.32)

Citation: Archiv für physiologische und pathologische Chemie und Mikroskopie in ihrer ... ; Johann-Florian Heller (1853/4) p.363

We cannot refrain from devoting a few words to a company in Germany, a company, after so long a time which we in Austria have especially longed for, for we have not here in Vienna but always need the various requisites for chemical laboratories: platinum vessels, sheet metal wire of various dimensions, {etc.} but must pay significantly higher {prices} for platinum is than Hr. Hirsch in Hanau just offers for his Platinumware.  

While we here {in Austria} at the current premium must pay per Loth of processed platinum 12 Fl C.M., obviously, Hr. Hirsch, adding a lithograph illustration of near 60 different forms of platinum dishes, spoons, crucibles, boats etc. offers the following prices on metal sheet and wire of ordinary strength at 8 Fl . 15 kr. (24 Fluss) per Loth, the expected Silver-Weight Loth  being 14.6 Parisian Grammes. This price increases for Sheet to 9 Fl . 15kr . in the latter to 10 Fl . 30 kr. per Loth, according to whether {the Platinum} must be rolled or drawn. 

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