August 14, 2011

Austria/Germany, 1822/3

In an unstable currency, a timely commodity or producer's price quote is by definition dated; one curious high (and useless) price appears in a Austrian source from the Summer, 1824. This appears to have been a known purchase for the Nusdorf sulphuric acid refinery (perhaps a reference to the Platinum still in 1819.)

The irrelevance of the author's price might be further underscored by the fact that:

a) wildly fluctuating bank money probably wasn't accepted by Paris vendors, and
b) the quote does not include all costs to acquire and install the product.

But where the Wiener Pfund Handelsgewicht of 560 grammes is assumed, Jeannetty's 1822 Paris Platinum boiler w/ accessories should have weighed ~22.4 kg (720 Troy Ounces.) 'Factory price' likewise implies no shipping, insurance, etc. was included in the pre-import manufacturer's (unstated) hard currency price.

c.1822? 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (producer mfg @ Paris) = Banco Fl 25.
c.1822 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (producer mfg @ Paris) = Fl C.M. 7.55 (Fr. 19.01)

Das Ganze wiegt 40 Pfund ist von Jeannetty in Paris verfertigt, und kostet der Fabrik, ohne Mißbrauch der Nullen, 18000 Gulden Wien.

The whole thing weighs 40 (Wiener?) Pfund is manufactured by Jeannetty in Paris, and costs at the factory, without abuse of the zeros, 18,000 Wien Florins.

Citation: Tagebuch einer metallurgisch-technologischen reise, durch Mähren, Böhmen ...; Christian Fürchtegott Hollunder (1824) p.42

1822: 1 Troy Ounce Platinum (mfg) = UNKNOWN

"When the copper market contains 1 ounce Platina, it's the current price of pure platinum: the price of the finished commodity in bulk shall be Rrt 9. be on the mark, in smaller, one mark, and including most objects, but more in {complex manufactures?}"

Citation: Allgemeiner Anzeiger für Bayern: mit bes. Beziehung auf Künste ..., Vol. 8 (Dec. 1822) p. 369

1817: Janetty's 1816 Platinum Still; 15kg = 30 Pfunde > 20kg = 40 Pfunde

Citation: Allgemeine Handlungs-Zeitung: mit den neuesten Erfindungen..., Vol. 24 (1817) p.183

June, 1822: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Col./Bav. est.) = S$ 4.3276; Fl 8.04

Coins of Platinum. According to the Jamaica newspaper from April 28th, the Congress of the Republic of Colombia has decided that the trade with platinum as a precious metal, which presents great advantages for propagation of the public treasure, belongs exclusively to the State, and that a coin of platinum is to be stamped. This is to be national coin. One Onza (0.9243 Ozt) of pure Platinum is worth S$ 4. in piastres, or approximately Rhein. Fl. 7.433.

Unknown reference or calculation/estimation :
1822: 1 Troy Ounce platina (?) = M 17.42

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