December 4, 2010

Germany, 1838

Döbereiner's cited crucible price may refer to imported, tariffed French manufactures; the first edition of this two-part book appeared in 1840 with several citations from 1839.

Where a contemporary crucible with a cover (by volume, 1 Unzen = 24 cc) likely contained 370-380 grains English Troy (0.77 - o.79 Troy Ounces) or ~25 Grams pure Platinum at said price, the English Troy Ounce follows

c.1838: 1 Troy Ounce Platinum (mfg: crucible, retail?) = Thl 12.40 (USD$ 8.49)
1839: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (mfg: Paris Price) = Thlr 7.45 - 8.51 (USD$ 5.21 - 5.95)

Under the same conditions, the size of the crucible bears too high a price; since every Unze by volume in the crucible costs about 10 Thalers, the requisite container of 8 Unzen (by volume) would cost fully 80 Thalers.

Citation: Deutsches Apothekerbuch; zum Gebrauche bei Vorlesungen ... Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner, Franz Döbereiner (1842)

The price of platinum is five times the Price of Silver and one-third the Price of Gold, in the processed state platinum is about 4.5 times that of the 14löthigem Silver.

See also:
1838: 1 Troy Ounce Platinum (semi-mfg, imported, retail) ~ USD$ 10.

Generic estimation, of dubious value:

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