February 24, 2015

UK, 1966

In 1966, an ultra rarity numismatic item sold at 7.3x the Platinum Spot.

1965-6: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Bulk) = $100.

Duvivier Campo-Formio Medallion:
Diameter 3.5 cm 
Weight: 2.50 Ozt, 77.76 g.


Weight: 2.35 Ozt, 73.1 g.

Citation: Catalogue of the First Portion of Greek, Roman, and Foreign Medieval Coins and medals collected during the last 50 years by the late Thomas Thomas Esq., Sotheby & Co. Auction 7/8/1845

"a recent sale at Christie's (23 July 1965 or 1 March, 1966) , when Lord Margadale sold the coins and medals collected by his grandfather, Alfred Morrison, there is no less interest in commemorative medals of the past. Fig.3 for instance, a platinum medal dated the year 6 of the Revolution showing Napoleon as General-in-Chief of the army in Italy and commemorating the peace in that year, made £ 650. {USD$ 233. - 231.73} The artist is Duvivier. The reverse, the mounted conqueror crowned with a laurel wreath by, I presume, Victory, is no doubt banal enough in its severe neo-classic manner; it is interesting though, that, according to the inscription, it is not the nation which is expressing its thanks, but "Les Sciences et Les Arts Reconnaissants..."

7/24/1965-3/1/1966: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Numismatic Rarity) = $ 725.45 - 729.29

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