February 7, 2015

Colombia, 1882

Resrepo (1886) assumes the Colombian Gold Yield, converted from 21/24 to .999, should be be C$ 21.032/Ozt.  Therefore, 122,995 Ozt./3,825.6 Kg @ C$676.20 in Fine Gold.
1882: Colombian Gold Yield, .999:  146,375 Ozt., USD$ 21.03/Ozt

1882: Colombian Gold Yield, .9167:  186,500 Ozt., USD$ 20.675/Ozt

Citation: Consular Reports: Commerce, manufactures, etc, Vol. 24, Issues 85-87

US statisticians estimated Colombia produced 186,538.6 Ozt Fine Gold in 1882, presumably an error (not factoring fineness as stated by the Colombia source.)

Citation: Congressional Serial Set (1886) "XXVI Worlds Production of Gold & Silver" p.256

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