October 27, 2014

Germany, 1881

1881: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Germ.: Mfg, Whol.) = 27.3711 (USD$ )

Citation: Die Chemische Industrie, 1892 Vol. 15 (1892) p.70

Another letter from Abbe to Schott states:
“A platinum crucible of about 60 ccm volume, with lid and a thick platinum rod for stirring - the whole for about
100. - I do hope to receive in the next few days - possibly this crucible may provide you some help in your next melts ....” (14).

The expenses for platinum equipment for melting experiments carried out between the Spring of 1881 and the end of 1883 amounted to 4,000. (16).

16 Letters and documents on the history of VEB optik Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Genossen, Pt. I produced by H. Kühnert, op. ciz., Ref. 14, ed. W. Flach, Vol. 111, Kommisionsverlag von Gustav Fischer, Jena, 1953

Citation: Abriss der chemischen technologie mit besonderer rücksicht auf statistik... ; Christian Heinzerling (1888)

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