March 1, 2014

UK (Australia), 1921

At times, the price of osmiridium is very high. In 1921, £42 10s. an ounce was being paid for it on the Tasmanian fields. The London price is said to have once touched the surprising figure of £85 an ounce.

February 1921: "The buyers of Tasmania's production of osmiridium are not quoting, and although recent sales were made on the basis of £34 per oz. for average metal, it is expected that the price will be serious reduced."

January(?) 1921: 1 Troy Oz. Osmiridium (Tasmania) = £ 42.50
February(?) 1921: 1 Troy Oz. Osmiridium (Tasmania) = £ 34.
August, 1921: 1 Troy Oz. Osmiridium (Tasmania) = £ 18.

August, 1921:

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