March 11, 2014

Colombia, 1836

1836: Estimated Colombian platina yield ~ 1,479 - 1,774.8 Ozt.
460 Grammes = 1 Libra = 46 Kilograms = 1,479 Ozt.

Choco Gold, according to information provided to me about it by Boussingault, contains an average of 5% Platinum, and as the gold minted at Popayan comes from Choco washings, this results in adding to the amount that is provided there each year, one-fifth the value of that exported by smuggling, we will have, in taking 5%, very roughly approximate the amount of platinum provided by the platina ores of Choco, which can be evaluated at 10 or 12 quintals. Anyway, you can wear at least double platinum supplied by Russia, the quantity produced by different parts of America, that amount will increase with the more general use of this metal, who will find over the care of exploiters.

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