June 3, 2013

France, 1806

Vauquelin reported platinum in the abnadoned mines of Guadacanal, Estramadura in November 1806. This discovery was not confirmed, and there was no commercial potential in that period.  The rumor may have been encouraged by a high European price, however.

PLATINUM. - Mineralogy. - Discoveries. -M. Vauquelin, of the Institute. - 1806. - The author, analyzing various samples found up to ten percent platinum from silver mines at Gualdacanal in Estremadura, and announced this discovery in science class of the Institute on November 17, 1806, presenting samples of this metal.  Until that time, this metal was found in only two places in Spanish America. The discovery on the {European} continent is of relatively great importance since the high price at which it is sold on the market does not allow use in a wide range of arts, where it would be employed with the greatest advantage because of its infusibility and durability.

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