August 7, 2012

Colombia, 1820

"Because of the chaos that occurred during the bloody war against Spain, there is an almost complete absence of published fiscal records for the decade 1810–20. Anibal Galindo, a prominent economic commentator of the nineteenth Century, expressed this situation very clearly :"The period from 1810 to 1821, when when the Republic of Colombia was founded, has no fiscal history."

Bolivar to Santander, July 1820:
"De platina y dinero, raya al que venga, y pedir más. No voy a Ocaña por este armisticio."
From a summary report dated December 1820, the Colombian government began gathering platina in the Summer of 1820.  The local ore price should have begun rising at that time, although the low official price still favored (British) export.

Cochrane (1825) reported platina delivered at the Mint received promissory paper (and some miners suffered outright confiscation) in exchange, poor bargain for Colombian producers, so 4/5th of the yield went to British traders and Jamaica.

Citation: Colombia: being a geographical, statistical [&c.] account of that country ; Alexander Walker

Revision to the 1826 Edition: known properties for platina

Citation: Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne ; Alexander von Humboldt

The Colombian Peso was underweight 1819-21:


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