January 2, 2012

USA, 1821

1822: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Vienna: Mfg, Jewelry Retail) = $         (Fl C.M. 26.745)

News from Russia to the Eastern Seaboard was ~ 2 months.

c. 1821: Platina was so expensive, it was not considered worth counterfeiting Gold for the effort.

Citation: Chemical instructor: presenting a familiar method of teaching the chemical... ; Amos Eaton (1822)

Platina wire recommended (and available) for New York college chemistry laboratories and lectures.

1821: Curious (dated) statement: 'platina cheaper than Silver'?

A Commercial Directory for the USA indicated the 1822 tariff for (Colombian) platina: 15%.

Citation: Commercial directory: containing, a topographical description... (1823) p.17

1820/1 Prices: 

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