March 12, 2011

American Antiquarian Society: TBE

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Weekday 8:50am South Station > 10:15am  Worcester
Weekday 5:35pm Worcester > 7:09pm So Sta.

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5pm >5:10pm?

Henshaw, Edmands & Co's prices current of drugs, paints, dye stuffs, surgeons' instruments, glass ware, &c. no. 36 India Street, Boston, Mass.
BDSDS. 1855 F

The finest instruments ever made : a bibliography of medical, dental, optical and pharmaceutical company trade literature, 1700-1939 / Audrey B. Davis and Mark S. Dreyfuss.
G565 D261 F987

A catalogue of drugs, medicines, dye stuffs, painters' colours, surgeons' instruments, &c. &c. : to be sold by George Brinley, at his store, no. 3, south-side of the Old Market House, Boston: where merchants, apothecaries, and others, may be supplied on the most reasonable terms, for cash, or credit.
[Boston : s.n., 1812]
16 p. ; 19 cm.
Dated Pams.

Catalogue of drugs and medicines, surgeons' instruments, paints and dye-stuffs, sold by Bartlett & Chase, chemists and druggists, Boston, Massachusetts.
[Boston] : Munroe & Francis, print., [between 1818 and 1820]
32 p. : ill. ; 15 cm.
Dated Pams.

A manual of electricity: : containing observations on the electrical phenomena, and directions for the construction of metallic conductors. : Also for the making of electrical machines & galvanic troughs, with instructions for applying their influence in aid of medicine, and in restoring suspended animation. / By Wm. King, medical electrician, and lecturer on electricity & galvanism.
Newbern, N.C. : [s.n.], 1825.
G353 K54 M825

A companion to the medicine chest, : with plain rules for taking the medicines, in the cure of diseases. / By Thomas Hollis, druggist and apothecary, no. 30, Union Street--Boston. ; To which are added, rules for restoring suspended animation, from drowning. ; List of articles contained in the chest. ...
Boston: : J. Howe, printer, no. 39, Merchants Row., 1834.
1 sheet ([1] p.) ; 33 x 41 cm.
BDSDS. 1834 backlog 005

Smith & Bartlett.
Call Number: Not at AAS
Catalogue of drugs and medicines, instruments and utensils, dye-stuffs, groceries, and painters' colours, : imported, prepared, and sold, by Smith & Bartlett, at their druggists store and apothecaries shop, no. 61, Cornhill, Boston. 

NA; Catalogue of drugs, medicines & chemicals, sold wholesale & retail, by [blank]1804Call Number: Dated Pams.

Pike, Benjamin, 1777-1864.
Pike's illustrated catalogue of scientific & medical instruments.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Pike

J.F. Luhme & Co.
General descriptive catalogue of chemical, pharmaceutical and physical apparatus, meteorological & mathematical instruments, &c. for sale at the affixed prices by J.F. Luhme & Co., 556 Broadway, New York
Call Number: Trade Cats. Luhm

Edward S. Ritchie & Sons.
Price catalogue and description of philosophical apparatus, with illustrations.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Ritc

Main Author: McKesson and Robbins, inc.
Title: Prices current of drugs and druggists’ articles, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, 1872
Bibliographic ID Number: 52623
Location:     Stacks
Call Number: Trade Cats. McKe

Main Author: McKesson and Robbins, inc.
Title: Prices current of drugs and druggists’ articles, chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, 1875
Bibliographic ID Number: 52624
Location:     Stacks
Call Number: Trade Cats. McKe

Main Author:     Lazell, Marsh & Gardiner.
Title:     Prices current of foreign and domestic drugs, pharmaceutical preparations, pure reagents, chemicals, druggists and chemists’ ware, &c. kept constantly for sale by Lazell, Marsh & Gardiner, importers and jobbers, no. 10 Gold Street, New-York. : Terms--six months’ credit, or 5 per cent. off for cash, in par funds. : Prices subject to changes in the market.
Imprint:     New York : [s.n.], 1860.
Description:     16, [1] p. ; 24 cm.
Location:     Stacks
Call Number:     Trade Cats. Laze 

McAllister, W. Y.
Catalogue of mathematical drawing instruments, of French, German, and Swiss make, for sale, wholesale or retail, by W.Y. McAllister, 728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, successor to the old firm of J. McAllister, established in 1783. : Terms cash: no bills  1866
Call Number: Trade Cats. McAl

Main Author:     Carnes & Haskell.
Title:     Price current of Carnes & Haskell, importers of foreign drugs, chemicals, essential oils, corks, tooth brushes, and other useful articles for druggists and apothecaries. : Warehouses, nos. 18 & 20 Platt Street, corner of Gold, New-York. : Home in Paris, no. 10 Cité Bergère, nrar the Boulevart Poissonnière. : Agencies in England, Spain, Portugal, Saxony, Prussia, Russia, Holland, China, &c. : N.G. Carnes & S. Haskell compse the firm of Carnes & Haskell.
Imprint:     [New York : s.n., 1855]
Description:     38 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Location:     Stacks
Call Number:     Trade Cats. Pric

Main Author:     J.F. Luhme & Co.
Title:     General descriptive catalogue of chemical, pharmaceutical and physical apparatus, meteorological & mathematical instruments, &c. for sale at the affixed prices by J.F. Luhme & Co., 556 Broadway, New York. ...
Imprint:     [New York : s.n., between 1841 and 1899?]
Description:     151 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Location:     Stacks
Call Number:     Trade Cats. Luhm 

Roessler, Paul.
Established 1855. (Unexpectedly Eclipsed.) Optical, mathematical, and everything in the scientific line always on hand at Paul Roessler's 251 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn. .
Call Number: Ephemera Late Trade Scale 0039 

Carpenter, George W. (George Washington), 1802-1860.
Carpenter's Annual medical advertiser, for 1835, : published and distributed gratuitously to the physicians of the United States; : containing a descriptive account of the most popular of the new medicines, surgical instruments, medical books, &c. and of (1835)
Call Number: Trade Cats. Carp

Reed & Carnrick manufacturing chemists and pharmacists, 198 Fulton Street, New York. n/d
Call Number: Trade Cats. Reed

Geo. W. Carpenter & Co.'s wholesale drug and chemical warehouse. : No. 301 Market Street, Philadelphia. : Circular to the physicians and druggists of the United States. : January 1, 1854.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Geo

Demas Barnes & Co.
United States medicine warehouse, New York, July 1st, 1865.
1865 & 1868 (2!)
Call Number: Trade Cats. Dema
Call Number: Trade Cats. Demo

Crittenton, Charles N.
Crittenton's central medicine warehouse. : Terms. We expect prompt payment of statements when rendered. The margin on this class of goods will not warrant giving longer time than thirty days.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Crit

Fyfe, John L.
Descriptive catalogue of chemical apparatus, chemicals and pure reagents, / manufactured, imported and sold by John L. Fyfe, practical chemist, successor to Edward N. Kent, no. 116 John-Street, near Pearl, New-York.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Fyfe

Bullock & Crenshaw.
Catalogue of chemicals, chemical & pharmaceutical apparatus, : imported, manufactured and for sale by Bullock & Crenshaw, druggists and chemists, no. 528 Arch Street, Philadelphia.  1872
Call Number: Trade Cats. Bull

Chevalier, John D.
Chevalier's catalogue of dental instruments, operating cases and chairs, portable lathes and head rests, teeth, gold and tin foil, gold and silver plate and solder, and every other article used by the dental profession.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Chev

Jones, White & McCurdy.
Catalogue of dentists' materials, consisting of porcelain teeth, gold and tin foils, gold and silver plate, dental instruments, corundum wheels, and all other articles used by the dental profession, : for sale by Jones, White & McCurdy, 116 Arch Street
Call Number: Trade Cats. Jone

Kuemerle & Kolbe.
Kuemerle & Kolbe's illustrated catalogue of surgical & dental instruments & syringes manufactured at no. 45 South Eighth Street, below Chesnut, Philadelphia. 1855
Call Number: Trade Cats. Kuem

Jerome Redding & Co.
Amateur telegraphers' text book. / Published by Jerome Redding & Co., no. 30 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass. (1841)
Call Number: Trade Cats. Redd

Geo. H. Bliss & Co.
Price list for amateurs. / Geo. H. Bliss & Co. ; Telegraph machinery and supplies, 41 Third Avenue, Chicago, Ill.  1874
Call Number: Trade Cats. Blis

Main Author: Rowland & Roe.
Title: Illustrated catalogue and price list of wire goods manufactured by Rowland & Roe, Elmira, N.Y.
Imprint: Elmira, N.Y.: : Elmira Advertiser Association Printing House., 1872.
Call number(s): Trade Cats. Rowl

American Compound Telegraph Wire Company. : Incorporated February, 1868.
Call Number: Trade Cats. Amer

Main Author: McAllister & Brother.
Title: Illustrated catalogue of optical, mathematical, and philosophical instruments, for sale by McAllister & Brother, opticians, at their new store, no. 194 Chestnut Street, South side, below Eighth Street, nearly opposite the Masonic Hall, Philadelphia. ...
Imprint:     [Philadelphia] : William S. Young, printer, rear of the Franklin Hall, 50 North Sixth Street, below Arch., 1857.
Description: 108 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Call number(s): Trade Cats. McAl
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