November 20, 2012

France, 1799

c.1799?: British copy of the French Meter (Mètre des Archives)


 Credited to Étienne Lenoir, the 1799 Platinum Meter was actually metal from refiner Marc Étienne Janety and calibrated by Nicolas Fortin.

Duvivier Campo-Formio Medallion:
Diameter 3.5 cm 
Weight: 2.50 Ozt, 77.76 g.

Weight: 2.35 Ozt, 73.1 g.

Citation: Catalogue of the First Portion of Greek, Roman, and Foreign Medieval Coins and medals collected during the last 50 years by the late Thomas Thomas Esq., Sotheby & Co. Auction 7/8/1845

"a recent sale at Christie's (23 July 1965 or 1 March, 1966) , when Lord Margadale sold the coins and medals collected by his grandfather, Alfred Morrison, there is no less interest in commemorative medals of the past. Fig.3 for instance, a platinum medal dated the year 6 of the Revolution showing Napoleon as General-in-Chief of the army in Italy and commemorating the peace in that year, made £.650. {USD$ 233. - 231.73} The artist is Duvivier. The reverse, the mounted conqueror crowned with a laurel wreath by, I presume, Victory, is no doubt banal enough in its severe neo-classic manner; it is interesting though, that, according to the inscription, it is not the nation which is expressing its thanks, but "Les Sciences et Les Arts Reconnaissants..."

7/24/1965-3/1/1966: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Numismatic Rarity) = $ 725.45 - 729.29

1965-6: 1 Troy Oz. Platinum (Bulk) = $100.
The exchange was erratic 1799-1800. (1799: £ 0.0375 ;  4 June 1800: £ 0.0466 = 1 Fr.; 4 June 1800: £ 0.0466 = 1 Fr.) 

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