April 3, 2012

USA: Hiram M. Raynor, Dealer (1862-1890)

Presumably the son of Hiram Raynor (of Hempstead, Long Island), the retired publisher/envelope vendor (of H.&.S. Raynor), Hiram M. Raynor was established by 1862 as the junior partner in a Manhattan dental mercantile:

November, 1862:


Spring, 1864:






Trow's New York City Directory (for 1871/2) and Goulding's New York City Directory (1877) :

1871: American self-promotion often included dubious claims of "firsts" (ignoring the Malvern Works established in 1842 and E.A.L. Roberts in 1858) :

Reported May 1890:
Domestic Platinum mines.—In view of the prominent place that platinum has taken in the electrical manufacturing industry, and more especially because of the recent advance in its price, it is a relief to know that we are now to have the material from domestic mines. Mr. H. M. Raynor, well known as one of the oldest of manufacturers, has sold all his dies and his machinery for platinum wire drawing to Jas. Shawel & Co., 29 John Street, who are now able to produce wire of any gauge. Mr. Raynor has gone into platinum mining in the West. The mines are yielding large quantities of first grade platinum. It would be well for the manufacturers of platinum goods in this country to seize this opportunity for purchasing the domestic product.

For this column I am indebted to the kindness of Mr. HM Raynor, the pioneer of New York in the platinum trade, who courteously gave me the invoice prices of his imports of plate and sponge from 1867 to 1890. To these prices three per

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