September 16, 2011

Russia, 1856

1856 Platina Yield: 1.434 Poud = 57.352 Funt = 755.1 Ozt. = 126.44 Kgs

c. 1856
The tax on foreign-made Platinum jewelry was R. 1.37 per English Troy Ounce, about 20%?

Industries luxe.-Prohibition, attacking mainly to luxury items, has completely missed its target in Russia. {...} Among the luxury industries of Russia, there is one that deserves to be excepted from this general judgment is silverware and jewelery, and it is worthy of remark, that branch n has never been protected by a very gentle and easy to evade by 25% compared to the value right. Now, this right is even lower: 30 rubles per pound for gold items 2 rubles for those silver and 15 rubles in platinum jewelery shall pay only 2% of the value, products and silversmithing the Russian jewelry have obtained great council medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1851. These products, in fact, made in St. Petersburg and Moscow will yield nothing to those abroad for solidity, even for taste and price.

Citation: Journal des économistes: revue mensuelle de la science économique et de la ...;  Société d'économie politique of Paris, Société économique politique (Paris, France)., Société de statistique de Paris (1861) p. 453

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