August 18, 2012

UK, 1797: Platina

For platina statistics in the 18th Century and Bibliography, see PLATINA ESPAÑOLA PARA EUROPA EN EL SIGLO XVIII LFC VALLVEY - 1994

Vallvey (1994) estimates annual production c.1797 was about 250 kg.  Where "4,000 Ounces" (English Troy Weight) = 24.414 kgs platina, the H.M.S. Raven's capture of "a Spanish prize" was a seizure amounting to nearly 1/10th the annual platina production of New Spain.

4,000 Ozt = 24.414 Kgs = 270.453 Spanish Libras = 303.81 Russian Funt.

August 26, 1797.
Notice is hereby given to the Officers and Company of His Majesty's Sloop Raven, who were actually
on Board on the 3rd of January, 1797, at the Capture of the Spanish Ship N. S. del Caridad; and, on the  5th of January, 1797, at the Capture of the Spanish Brig Santa Natalia, that their respective Shares of the Proceeds of the said Ships and Cargoes will be paid to them on Board the said Sloop, on Tuesday the 5th of September next, and will be recalled on the First Friday in every Month for Three Years from the said Time, at the House of Meff. Maude's, in Downing-Street, Westminster. 
Tho. Maude, Agent

Notice is hereby given to the Officers and Company of Majesty's Sloop Raven, Jacob James, Esq; who were on Board on the 14th of May, 1797, at taking the Rey Carlos Spanish Prize, that they will be paid their Shares of the Hull and Cargo, on the 8th of June, 1798, at the White Lyon, Wych Street; and the Shares unpaid will be recalled there the last Wednesday in the Month for Three Years; and that the Account Sales will be deposited in the High Court of Admiralty, agreeable to Act of Parliament.
Meff. Marth & Creed, George Purvis, of Norfolk-Street, London, George Field, of Plymouth,
London, May 12, 1798. 

Steel's Naval Remembrancer: From the Commencement of the War in 1793 to the ...  David Steel p.31




Prior to 1797, great masses were reported but unsubstantiated.

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